Tuesday 14 October 2014

Airbus A 320 Type Rating in Philippines

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Frequently Asked Questions on AAG Ph Program


Frequently Asked Questions on AAG Program

1. What are the required qualification and experience to apply to the program?

 Any Nationality
 For Indians 
 Indian DGCA issued CPL or higher license with Multi Engine Instrument Rating
 Indian COP/RTR and FRTO
 Licences must be valid at all times
 Valid Indian Class I medical certificate
 Fluency in English - written and spoken [ICAO Level 4]

For Others :

CPL or higher license with Multi Engine Instrument Rating
Licenses must be valid at all times
Valid Medical Certificate
Fluency in English - written and spoken  (ICAO Level 4)


Total Flying Experience of 200 hours

2. What is the age limitation for the applicants?

Minimum Age:  No Minimum Age

Maximum Age: 55 years

3. What is the process of selection?

An eligible candidate will be screened by   Personal Interview in India

Successful candidates will be offered to go for a personal or Skype interview.

4. Where will I be trained for A320 Type Rating?

The A320 type rating training will be conducted at AAG, Philippines Centreapproved by EASA and CAAP.

5. Who will arrange my visa for training?

AAG will facilitate the Visa process for you but you will be responsible to obtain your own visa & other necessary travel related documents.

6. Who will make my travel arrangements?

The candidate is responsible to make his own travel arrangements.

7. Where will I stay during training and who will arrange it?

AAGwill make arrangements for your stay. The cost of accommodation will be included in most of our packages.

8. Who pays for the Airbus 320 Type Rating Training?

The cost of A320 Type Rating training is borne by the candidate.

9. What is the course price?

The Airbus A320 Type Rating course price at AAG Philippines Academy is:

- Low experience Pilots – USD 24,000 – including
- Multi-crew Cooperation Course –
- A320 Type Qualification Course as per Indian DGCA requirements

10. What additional costs that I have to pay?

You will be responsible to bear expenses towards selection test, visa, airfare and living expenses at the location of your type rating training.

11. If I do this investment, will AAG guarantee a job?

AAG does not Guarantee a Job. AAG has a track Record of 97% placements so far, which is highest in Asia.

12. Why should I do this Investment, will AAG guarantee a job?

As per Indian data India has got approximately 7200 unemployed DGCA CPL Holdersand approximately 3,800 FAA / CAAP / CASA CPL holder. But how many of them are Type Rated.

Airlines worldwide would prefer CPL + AirbusA320 Type Rated Pilots.

AAG has a track Record of 97% placements so far, which is highest in Asia.